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Greetings From the Chairman


I am honored to serve as the Chairman of the Commission on

Church Growth and Development. It is an exciting time as we begin

a new era under our new Executive Director of Church Growth and

Development Reverend Dr. Marcellus Norris. He has hit the ground

running making plans for the work of the Department.


Church Growth must be the number one priority of African

Methodism. Every challenge which our Zion faces comes back to

the failure of the church to grow. And if African Methodism is going

to grow we must make a “deliberate and intentional decision” that

we are going to grow. It must be made at every level of the church.

Therefore, the Department of Church Growth and Development

must provide a plan and strategy to grow the church at every level.


There are more unsaved and unchurched people in the world today

than it has ever been. As Jesus said, “the harvest is plentiful.”(Matthew 9:37) Whatever plan or strategy the Department of Church Growth develops will require the participation and commitment of us all.


I hope you, like me look forward to the leadership and direction that Reverend Dr. Norris will bring to this endeavor and join in helping to grow the Lord’s church. May the years to come see a renewed determination and passion in evangelism, church planting and winning the world for Christ.


All God’s best.


Yours and His,


Reginald T. Jackson



Bishop Reginald T. Jackson

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