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The Purpose

Department Staff


Bishop Reginald T. Jackson

Commission Chair 


Rev. Dr. Marcellus A. Norris 

Executive Director  



Editor, The Secret Chamber 


Rev. Carolyn C. Cavaness

Registrar, Evangelism Certification Program 


Rev. Virgil Woods

Dean Annual Seminar 

For over 25 years the, Department of Church Growth and Development  has held to the principle of teaching and training AME clergy and laity in the ways of evangelism and discipleship, that leads to spiritual growth in our members and numeric increase in our congregations.


We aim to assist AME clergy and laity in leading all people to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as ones personal savior, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Working in cooperation with District Committees of Evangelism and Evangelists throughout the denomination the Department helps to raise the standards of Evangelism at the local, District and Connectional levels.


Furthermore, the Department cultivates programming which leads to the enrichment of the worship experience in the life of the local church and enlists the total church in continuing programs of evangelistic outreach. 


Likewise, the Department is responsible for instituting and administering a Media Ministry which can be utilized by the entire denomination for the purpose of spreading the Gospel throughout the world.


In addition, the Department produces a number of printed and electronic resources to be used by clergy and laity for establishing and/or elevating Evangelism and Discipleship within the local church.


Lastly, The Department is responsible for developing and publishing, The Secret Chamber, A Daily Devotional Guide, which serves as an aide to individual and corporate: worship, bible study, The Secret Chamber is an official periodical of the denomination.

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