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The Platform

Rev. Dr. Marcellus A. Norris believes that the AME Church is the greatest gift to America and it’s far time for us to remind the world about the contributions AME’s have made in this country…First organized denomination for Black People in this country…Owners of the first piece of property in America and still occupy that land. EVERYBODY ought to know about the African Methodist Episcopal Church!


I believe that the AME church is NOT a dying church but has everything it needs to grow even higher from the ground up under a three-point plan: (Reclaim, Evangelize, Develop) #RED:


Code Red: Reclaim - Evangelize - Develop


Reclaim Members: We have to stop assuming that members who are no longer attending our churches have joined another church. Many people have left our churches for various reasons including church hurt, but we must love them back and remind them of the church. We reclaim members by engaging in conversation with the ones already in our congregation, find out where they are, meet them where they are in life and bring them back to the church! The AME Church can accomplish this by conducting a Global seminar for every church in which pastors will instruct members on how best to encourage and engage with those who will return to attendance, to love them back to the church.


Evangelize the lost: It’s time to admit that outreach is deeper than just opening the doors of the church during the invitation to discipleship.  We have to admit that while face to face evangelism will always have a place in our church and we must share our own stories and that of our denomination. How do we accomplish this? I believe that we must get resources into the hands of our local churches. I propose that we have Church Growth and Development Seminars regionally, so that the local church pastors and members can be equipped to evangelize and helps develop the AME Church. We need to brand our church in such a way through different venues of media to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Develop Churches: Church growth cannot happen without church development. By implementing programs relevant to present day culture, we can build upon the systems that are already in place by developing them from the ground UP! We must include technology in our outreach and development that will help draw people to our church. With all the resources in the world today, churches have an opportunity to be connected socially through websites and social media platforms that can help every church be engaged with their respective communities! We have a great foundation, now we need to develop what we have already and grow from the Ground UP! Christian Education Dept, UP! Our Church School, UP! Social Action, UP! Technology, UP! Missionaries, UP! Laity, UP! YPD, UP!


My beloved AME sisters & brother, with the power of Jesus Christ on my side, and with your support, you can help can grow our CHURCH!

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